Our Company Culture

(is better than yours)


We enjoy ourselves.

“Work Hard, Play Hard”

It’s no secret that here at the Lighthouse , we like to enjoy ourselves. As the saying goes, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. But hey, we don’t keep all of the fun to ourselves. In fact, we invite our clients, customers, colleagues, and vendors to join us for our annual trade-show parties, hang out with us on a trip, or simply stop by our office to experience our awesome ‘work culture’. 

We’d love to have you join us as well… stop by, hang out!

Shining Our Light.

“We Took The Money And Ran” Campaign.

Uniting to support Alzheimer’s research.


Lighthouse Chartering is partnering with Tricon Energy’s “Tricon Cares” to support the Alzheimer’s Association with an overall goal of fundraising $500,000 over the next 2 years. In an effort to achieve this, we will be running 6 marathons around the globe: Starting with the Zurich Marathon in April 2019 and finishing with the Houston Marathon in January 2021.

Our 6 Marathons
April 2019 - Zurich
Oct 2019 - Istanbul
Jan 2020 - Mumbai
April 2020 - Sao Paulo
Nov 2020 - Shanghai
Jan 2021 - Houston

The Lighthouse Chartering team is committed to raise a total of $70,000 from the shipping community, and guaranteed to contribute $20,000 dollars as well make up for any shortcomings of not reaching their goal all to help Tricon to achieve their goal of a total of $500,000. Lets come together for this great cause. TO DONATE PLEASE ACCESS THIS LINK:

AFPM Parties.

We’ve been known to throw a party or two…or three.

Click images for photo galleries.

Why you trippin’?

Ski Trippin’ that is….

Taking our team away to the mountains, with friends and clients, has become a staple tradition within the Lighthouse Chartering culture. Click patches for trip photo galleries.


Our Office DJ

But, seriously though…

What…your office doesn’t have an in-house DJ? You should probably step-up your ‘company culture’ game, or stop by our place and see how we navigate that “work/life balance”.

dj papa logo.shadow.png

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